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Mag. “Séð og heyrt” #45  2008   30 Oct – 5 Nov

(From the top down on the right hand side)

1.  Furrier Eggert Jóhannsson (55) introduces a new Spy Line:

2.  (pix – CIA Skvisa)

CIA girl: The author Tilman Gilson is in real life Meg Thompson who worked at one time for the American Secret Service, the CIA. Here talking to Ambassador Sverrir Haukur

3. (pix – Á góðri stundu)

In good company: Eggert had a lot to say to the well known reporter Adrian Gill, who is known for his television and restaurant reviews.

4.  (pix – Þrjár góðar)

Three of the finest:  There were many well known guests at the party, among them were reporter Francie Clarkson, Natia Linneman, director for Copenhagen´s Purple Club and Ms. Gudný S. Adalsteinsdottir, wife of the Icelandic Ambassador.

5. (Pix – Sérstakt silki)

A special silk:  The furs created for the Alex Line had fashionable broad shoulders and a narrow waistline. They have a hand-decorated Silk lining from the silk expert Sigrun Shanko, known for her original silk creations.

(From the top down on the left side)

a.( pix – Flott í feldi)

Good looks in a fur:
The American model Kristie was all smiles in a good looking furcoat.
Eggert himself is by her side.


007 !
Secret furcoats !

c. (Reffilegur með refahúfu:)

Foxy with a foxhat:
Eggert leaning on to one of the first British tanks from WWII,
a bit foxy with his silverfox hat.

( Center box: headline and copy)

Eggert was in London the other day where he introduced a new line
at the Imperial War Museum. The line is named The Alex Line in honor of the female spy Alex Garfield.

Fantastic furs!  “I brought with me a very special line of furs, The Alex Line, and we showed it at the Imperial War Museum, the British Memorial Collection,” says Eggert feldskeri, who had his latest creations on show in London.

“The Line is made from 100% natural materials and every piece is lined with Shanko silk, with handpainted old Norse runes. This silk
is unique, the only silk of its kind in the world. It is unbelievably

The Alex Line is done in support to the book A Very Special Weapon written by the American author Tillman Gilson. The story is about the
female hero Alex, who is not unlike James Bond, and in the book Alex
travels to Iceland and other places.

There were many well known guests at the exhibition, among them were the famous British reporters Francie Clarkson and Adrian Gill,
Ambassador and Mrs. Sverrir Haukur Gunnlaugsson.  Eggert told us that the day was a success for all concerned. “This was a three hour
Coctail party with an introduction that was very successful in every way.”

( Bottom box: Credits)

Text: Ragnheiður M. Kristjónsdóttir
Photos: Eva Ágústsdóttir


With a license to fashion

The female counterpart to James Bond, Alex Garfield, has been the inspiration for a new fur collection by Eggert the Furrier. "Alex, the espionage line" was presented at The Imperial War Museum in London earlier this month in connection with the launch of the new Alex Garfield-novel "The Very Secret Weapon" by author Tillman Gilson. Being a former CIA agent, Tillman Gilson is a true connoisseur of women in the business of spying, as Eggert the Furrier is a true connoisseur of high-end fur fashion.

Eggert Jóhannsson, the man behind Eggert the Furrier, trained with prominent fur designers in the UK and Sweden, before opening his own salon in 1977 in Iceland. When Kopenhagen Fur's Purple Club was lunched in 2006 Eggert the furrier was appointed a member form the very start. Members of the Purple Club are a select few high-end fur fashion boutiques that are given exclusive rights to use Kopenhagen Fur's top-quality label Kopenhagen Purple.

While Tillman Gilson signed books and London society sipped champagne at the Imperial War Museum, guests were given the opportunity to touch Eggert's fur styles and even to try them on. "Alex, the espionage line" is based on the letter X with definite shoulders and a strong waist line. The Paparazzi hood is important, with stoles and hats play an important role as supplements. Kopenhagen Purple Mink, chinchilla, wild mink, Icelandic mokka lamb, lynx and salmon skin are used in the collection. All garments are lined with silk, handpainted by Shanko who uses Viking runes and stories as inspiration.

Among the guests were the Icelandic ambassador to England, Robert Morgan, chairman of BFTA, and A.A. Gill a well-known British columnist writing for The Sunday Times.

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